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The Will Hunt (London) 6" Mini-Butt is a must when purchasing your Will Hunt (London) Snooker Cue. The Mini-Butt pictured is solid AAA-Grade West-African Ebony, you will only be able purchase a mini-butt in this design if you want to purchase from one of our stockists or from us off the shelf.

  You are welcome to order a Mini-Butt to your specs and design.

  6" Ebony Mini-Butt:- £40

The Will Hunt (London) Telescopic Extension is a high-quality Telescopic Extension for WHL base joints.

  We do not take bespoke orders for Telescopic Extensions.

  Telescopic Extension: £50

Century Pro Cue Tips

We are proud to say that we now stock CC Tips, undoubtedly the most stable and sophisticated tip on the market. They are made with the player in mind.

The tips are available in the following densities:

G1: Soft

G2: Medium

G3: Medium-Firm

G4: Firm

 There is a marked difference between each density and they are the most consistent brand we here have ever come across.

 They hold the cue ball beautifully and will last for around 3 months before they start to wear.

 You will want to get yourself a little file to keep the surface rough during play.

At the moment we have G2's and G3's in stock, all boxes are £19.95 and individual tips are £6.

 It won't be long before these tips, made by Andrew Colgrave in Sheffield, are used the world-over by professionals and amateurs alike.

The Will Hunt (London) laminated pigskin tip is one of the best tips around. They are available in 10mm and 11mm sizes and made from good quality hide for a lasting tip. They have a good feel to them and don't change shape for several months with constant use.

WHL Tips, x6: £45

WHL Tips, Singular: £8

WHL Cue Oil & Butt Polish should be purchased for your WHL Snooker Cue to keep it in good nick. If you follow our guidelines 1 bottle should last 4-5 years.

WHL Cue Oil: This is to be applied once a year to your cue. Don't think you can't use it on the butt, you need to use it all over the cue (except the tip, it'll soak in and ruin it), and it will keep your cue supple. After application leave the cue to soak for 24 hours, after which the cue should be ready to wipe down with a dry cloth or tissue, but you can apply a second coat if you want to.

WHL Butt Polish: This is to be applied once or twice a year depending on how shiny you want your butt to be. Simply shake the bottle, empty a fifth of its contents onto a dry cloth or tissue, and rub your butt vigorously until it looks like a semi-matte finish has been applied. Get a dry cloth or tissue and firmly buff the matte-finish off of the butt and it should look and feel as good as new.

WHL Cue Oil: £8

WHL Butt Polish: £9

Genuine leather, Will Hunt (London) branded chalk pouches with a belt clip, coming in either yellow or black designs.

  These will hold 2 blocks of chalk and if bought with a Snooker Cue from us will come with 2 free blocks of Triangle Chalk.

WHL Leather Chalk Pouch: £15

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